Vermeer Corporation Welding Technician in Freeman, South Dakota

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Job Summary

Work Shift

2 - Second Shift

The Welding Technician performs procedural tasks under the general supervision of the area manager, and under close supervision complete complex tasks involving the use of theoretical knowledge and motor skills that include, but are not limited to: lay out, fit-up, tacking, and welding of cast, machined, forged, and fabricated steel components to assemble structural forms such as machinery frames, oil/fuel tanks, and major components according to blueprints, engineering sketches, and specifications.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  1. Demonstrate the Vermeer characteristics of caring culture, demonstrating agility, customer focused, and stewardship and model the associated behaviors.

  2. Selects equipment, jigs and fixtures, plans layout using geometry and trigonometry and welds according to blueprints, process sheets, and welding procedure specifications.

  3. Lays out, positions, aligns and fits components together using hand tools and tables.

  4. Must possess the ability to apply geometric and trigonometric functions when required.

  5. Bolts, clamps, tack welds parts to secure in position for welding according to blueprints, engineering sketches, and welding procedure specifications.

  6. Following Vermeer Welding Standards welds all jobs in any welding position according to blueprints, engineering sketches, and welding procedure specifications using GMAW, both conventional and pulsed, FCAW, or SMAW.

  7. May operate robotic welders that have been previously programmed.

  8. Must be capable of reading and understanding measuring devices such as a tape measure, a weld fillet gauge, a level, square, protractor, or angle finder, and plumb bob.

  9. Must be capable of setting and operating a cutting torch, carbon arc gouging and plasma arc cutting equipment safely and efficiently.

  10. Repairs products by dismantling, cutting, gouging, grinding, straightening, reshaping, and/or rewelding.

  11. Responsible for daily TPM, including the periodic cleaning of weld spatter from the nozzle, dusting external components of the welding unit, replacing external filter and verifies that the wire is feeding properly.

  12. Supports 5S/workplace organization goals of the department and offers suggestions and makes improvements that achieve the department’s performance board metrics.

Education and/or Experience

  • One year certificate from college or technical school; and/or equivalent combination of education and experience.

  • Successful completion of Vermeer Fundamentals Metallurgy course preferred.

  • One to three years related experience.

Other Skills and Abilities

  • Read blueprints.

  • Write routine reports and intra-department communications.

  • Calculate figures and apply concepts of fractions, percentages and ratios.

  • Apply concepts of basic algebra, geometry and statistical quality control.

  • Effectively present information verbally and written and respond to questions from groups of managers, suppliers, customer, and dealers.

  • Perform basic Microsoft Office skills, CAD and other software.

  • Perform problem solving techniques and root cause analysis.

  • Learn to operate the CMM.

  • Perform multiple tasks simultaneously; ability to assess, evaluate, and carry out appropriate action for a given situation.

Essential Functions

Standing: Frequently

Sitting: Frequently

Walking: Frequently

Hand Coordination: At least average/bilateral

Twisting: Rarely (up to 1 minute in position)

Bending - Trunk: Rarely (up to 1 minute in position)

Bending - Neck: Occasionally (up to 25 degree flex & 30 degree extension for up to 2 minutes)

Elevated Work/Reach: Rarely (up to 1 minute in position)

Squatting/Kneeling: Rarely (up to 1 minute in position)

Climbing: Rarely

Pulling: Rarely (up to 80 lbs) Occasionally (up to 20 lbs) Frequently (up to 10 lbs)

Pushing: Rarely (up to 80 lbs) Occasionally (up to 20 lbs) Frequently (up to 10 lbs)

RH Grip: Rarely (up to 80 lbs) Occasionally (up to 20 lbs) Frequently (up to 10 lbs)

LH Grip: Rarely (up to 80 lbs) Occasionally (up to 20 lbs) Frequently (up to 10 lbs)

RH Pinch: Rarely (up to 15 lbs) Occasionally (up to 5 lbs) Frequently (up to 2 lbs)

LH Pinch: Rarely (up to 15 lbs) Occasionally (up to 5 lbs) Frequently (up to 2 lbs)

Floor to Waist Lift: Rarely (up to 50 lbs) Occasionally (up to 20 lbs)

Horizontal Lift: (up to 50 lbs) Occasionally (up to 20 lbs) Frequently (up to 10 lbs)

Waist to Crown Lift: Rarely (up to 40 lbs) Occasionally (up to 5 lbs)

Certificates, Licenses, Registration

  • Individual must have tested and passed the following certifications in addition to the certifications of the Welder I


1” – 3G

1” - 4G

1” - 1G - Operator (only if operating a robot)


1” – 1G

1” – 3G

1” - 4G


1” – 1G

1” – 3G

1” - 4G

GTAW (as required)

Workmanship sample

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability or veteran status.

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