Youth & Family Services CDC Teacher Infant/Toddler Full-Time in Rapid City, South Dakota

Essential Functions: Comply with and implement all applicable local, state and federal regulations. Implement activities to advance development of children by developing literacy, phonemic print, numeric awareness,understanding/use of language, understanding/use of vocabulary, appreciation of books, awareness of cultural diversity and problem solving. Promote healthy food choices and moderate-to-vigorous intentional physical activity. Use the information from the screenings for developmental, sensory, and behavioral concerns, the ongoing observations, medical and dental evaluations and treatments, and insights from the child's parents to help staff and parents determine how the program can best respond to each child's individual characteristics, strengths and needs, which ensures individualization for each child. Create, support and maintain a healthy, safe, learning environment conducive to each child's intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and aesthetic development. Participate in the development and implementation of the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or Individualized Family Services Plan (IFSP) or Response to Intervention requirements, when appropriate. Plan and implement two home visits and two parent-teacher conferences per child lasting one hour. Invite and support parents to become integrally involved in the development of the program's curriculum and approach to child development and education. Encourage the involvement of families and support the development of relationships between children and their families. Utilize developmentally appropriate practices (DAP) and incorporate CLASS dimensions in the classroom and follow ECERS standards. Establish and maintain a positive and trusting relationship with children and their families. Maintain accurate records for each child, data entry and completion of appropriate documents and referrals as needed in a timely manner. Actively supervise and engage children at all times to ensure child safety. Follow YFS Discipline Policy and Behavior Management Guidelines. Maintain confidentiality as it relates to information about children, families and other staff members. Assist in all assigned grant activities including, but not limited to, in-kind and United Way. Direct teacher assistants, substitutes, and volunteers to carry out daily operations and to actively supervise and engage children at all times to ensure child safety. Attend and participate in staff meetings and trainings as requested by supervisor. Work with children and their families to support development toward school readiness.Additional Functions: Responsible for opening/closing center and all related duties if assigned. Monetary increase will accompany this duty if assigned. Punctuality is critical. Must learn and execute emergency preparedness plan and be responsive to emergencies that may arise. Assist in recruitment of children, families, and volunteers for program services. Assume Coordinator responsibilities in their absence if assigned. Develop and implement activities to advance development of children, including school readiness by developing literacy, phonemic print, numeric awareness, understanding/use of language, understanding/use of vocabulary, appreciation of books, and problem solving. Monitor and adhere to budget of classroom expenses. Keep supplies updated and current. Support all program activities and services of YFS, including Kids Fair, Parent Association and Policy Council, evening child care and other event nights. Act in accordance with YFS' purpose, philosophy, values, goals, policies and procedures.Environmental Functions: Ability to lift up to 50 lbs. May be exposed to variety of potentially hazardous living and health conditions of enrolled families. Perform duties in a controlled office or classroom environment; participate in activities with children as appropriate. Ability to move within the classroom, playground and on the bus. Ability to carry children with both arms. A