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KISMET FNB LLC MDS Coordinator (RN) in SPEARFISH, South Dakota

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIESConduct and coordinate the development and completion of the resident assessment in accordance with the requirements of the state and the policies and goals of this facility.i Provide an ongoing objective evaluation of the important aspects of residentsi care through daily review of resident charts, and identification of variations in care to provide data for use in the correction of potential problems and to meet the requirements of all regulatory agencies. Relates effectively with interdepartmental and intradepartmental personnel, medical staff, residents, residentis families, and outside agencies, including Medicare, Medicaid, and third party payers.iThe person holding this position is delegated the responsibility for carrying out the assigned duties and responsibilities in accordance with current existing federal and state regulations and established company policies and procedures.ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:1. Conducts and coordinates the development and completion of the resident assessment (MDS) in accordance with current rules, regulations, and guidelines that govern the resident assessment, including the implementation of CAAs and Triggers, other assessment and the Care Plan.2. Conducts or coordinates the interviewing of each resident for the residentis assessment.3. Evaluates each residentis condition and pertinent medical data to determine any need for special assessment activities or a need to amend the Plan of Care.4. Develops preliminary and comprehensive assessments of the nursing needs of each resident, utilizing the forms required by current rules or regulations and facility policies.5. Ensures that appropriate health professionals are involved in the assessment.6. Coordinates the development of a written plan of care (preliminary and comprehensive) for each resident that identifies the problems/needs of the resident, indicates the care to be given, goals to be accomplished, and which professional services is responsible for each element of care.7. Ensures that the care plan includes measurable objectives and timetables to meet the residentis medical, nursing, and mental and psychological needs as identified in the residentis assessment. 8. Ensures that the initial resident assessment and a comprehensive care plan is completed within the required time frame of the residentis admission.9. Develops the schedule for timely completion of the resident assessment and plan of care.10. Assists the DON and relevant department supervisor in ensuring that all personnel involved in providing care to the resident are aware of the residentis care plan and that nursing personnel refer to the residentis care plan prior to administering daily care to the resident.11. Ensures that admission, quarterly, significant change and annual resident assessments are completed and care plan review are made on a timely basis.12. Ensures that a complete resident assessment is conducted within the required time frame if a significant change in the residentis condition.13. Coordinates the review and revision of the residentis care plan by the interdisciplinary team after each quarterly reviews or other assessment, assuring that the care plan is evaluated and revised each time an assessment is done or when there is a change in the residentis status.14. Ensures that each portion of the assessment is signed and dated by the person completing the portion of the MDS. Coordinator signs the MDS as completed and accurate then places it in the resident medical records.15. Selects the correct Assessment Reference Date (ARD) and correct reasons for the assessment that capture all resources to ensure appropriate payment by Medicare/Medicaid systems.16. Maintains and periodically update written policies and procedures that govern the development, use, and implementation of the resident assessment (MDS) and care plan.17. Performs administrative duties such as completing medical forms, reports, evaluations, studies, etc., as necessary.1